Udemy Course Completion Certificates

We value your commitment to professional development in anti-financial crime and corporate risk management. As you might know, apart from our proprietary platform, we offer some very limited educational courses on Udemy to make our resources more accessible to a global audience.

We understand that upon completion of a course, having a certificate in your name serves as a recognition of your dedication and hard work. However, we'd like to clarify an important aspect regarding course completion certificates.

For our courses taken via Udemy, please note that we do not issue course completion certificates under the Financial Crime Academy (FCA) branding. Instead, Udemy itself provides a certificate upon successful completion of a course. These Udemy certificates serve as a testament to your accomplishments and can be beneficial for your career progression.

If you're wondering how to download your certificate, Udemy has provided a helpful article explaining the process: How to Download Your Certificate of Completion on a Browser.

In case you require further assistance with this or have other inquiries related to Udemy courses, we recommend reaching out to Udemy's Customer Service:

  • Visit the Udemy Customer Support Center at Udemy Support. You can navigate through their extensive help articles or open a support ticket.
  • You can also email Udemy’s support team directly at [email protected].

Though our team would love to assist you directly with Udemy-specific queries, we're unable to do so. However, Udemy's dedicated support team is equipped and ready to help you with all your concerns.

We value your understanding and want to reassure you that our commitment to your learning experience remains unwavering. If you have questions about any other aspect of your learning journey with FCA, don't hesitate to reach out to us.

Keep growing and achieving!

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